The importance of intrinsic motivation.

My littlest sister (one of 3 sisters) just started her own LinkedIn account. She’s 19-years-old, going to be a sophomore in college, and is interning at PG&E for the summer in San Francisco.

Taking her first look at my LinkedIn account, she says: “btw congrats! i didnt realize you graduated in such high standing!”

Having graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University (in Boston) with a GPA of 3.71… it definitely burned at first.

It’s been three years, and this is the first she realized that I actually was a pretty good student in college? Am I not a role model?

None of my family came to my graduation ceremony. Too much to explain now. Only my boyfriend at the time and a dear friend of mine was there to witness my walk in TD Banknorth Garden - where I even made it onto the jumbotron.

But after a deep breath, I realized that what matters is that I am proud of myself. And I am still proud to this day, regardless of whether I had support from others at the time or how long it took/is taking important people in my life to recognize my achievement.

And this is why we must do things for ourselves. We have to make ourselves proud, make ourselves happy, rely on ourselves, and seek intrinsic motivation.

At the end of the day, that is the only way to truly be fulfilled, and hopefully lower expectations that may cause resentment.

These are my hump day words of wisdom for today.